The Team



Loves music, creating and painting. He has lots of patience and zen and enjoys exploring and researching. He is the master of tools and tidiness. Dreams of living a self-sufficient life someday.



The master of juggler of the household, balancing the biz and life itself. Keeps everyone happy and in check. Loves yummy things, nature walks and exploring the world. Nothing makes her happier then seeing her children's smiles.



Bo Low

6 Years Old.

First to conquer the earth, or this at least this family. Loves being silly, and goof around, but also enjoy role play, dressing up and baking. He spends most of his spare time playing with his friends or ShuShu. There is no such thing that Bo Low is not interested in. The heaven, the earth, what was and what will be. Kind and gentle soul, with a big load smile.



4 Years Old.

If there's anything mechanical, any buttons around, or any gadget and tools be sure that ShuShu is around. No task is too small for him; unscrewing cabinets, breaking into safes or drilling the kitchen floor when no one is around.


Lil Lady

10 Month Old.

This Lil Lady is a fun size packed with magic and wonder. Not even one year old, and she can already make ice cream melt with her cheeky smile. Loves squeaking, being squashed and chasing her bros' around. There is no doubt she has a bright future ahead.

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