LEGO Duplo 10812 Truck & Tracked Excavator

LEGO Duplo 10812. 
Truck & Tracked Excavator.

LEGO Duplo 10812 Truck & Tracked Excavator set. Including 2 builder figures, 2 wheeled vehicles, 1 rotating platform, shovel, traffic sign.

The Toy

LEGO Duplo box 10812

Fun, Affordable and versatile

26 LEGO Duplo bricks.

Lego Duplo 10812box, instruction and bricks

Lego Duplo 10812 dumper truck

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The Review

Duplo 10812 excavator and garage

LEGO Duplo 10812 Truck & Tracked Excavator is a perfect set for any boy. Both boys (4, 6) were equally excited about it. There two main vehicles that are included: tracked excavator and a dumper truck. The trucks can also be disassembled and rebuilt with the components. Although this is quite a cool feuter is is very basic, and I think Duplo could have come up with a few more option or mix and match the sets if they would add extra bricks.

Bo Low found it very frustrating to click the orange rotating platform. It is also quite a tight fit, so I'm guessing that is we would click it on and off it would get loose and wouldn't click after a year or so. Let's see, as its the first time I have seen this clicking option in any of the Duplo range.

It is a nice sharing set as there are two figures and two basic vehicles to play around with. for the two brothers to play co-operate together loading up bricks, and driving rubbish around. They later on used there Duplo collection with their other vehicles and included the Lil Lady.

The Rating

Loading up Duplo bricks on 10812

Fun, Affordable and versatile

Here are some top pros and cons from our review:

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Amazing lasting quality.
  • Comes with two figure, two trucks, shovel, traffic sign and lights (not battery operated)
  • Rotating platform is fun.
  • Good sharing set, if buying for siblings, as they cash each have a truck and a builder.

  • Trucks could be mixed and matched better if there would be additional bricks.
  • Had issues with clicking the rotating platform and it seems like the clicking mechanism wouldn't last long.

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