LEGO Duplo 10573 Creative Animals

Lego Duplo10573. 
Creative Animals.

A creative and dynamic building LEGO Duplo set with 25 Building blocks. Mix and match to create animals and imaginary creatures.

The Toy

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Fun, Affordable and versatile

The LEGO Duplo 10573 is available to purchase via Amazon for £25.

This set is now discontinued, so hurry as its a mega value set and is highly versatile.



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The Review


The LEGO Duplo 10573 Creative Animals is such a fun set; it was recently passed on to the Lil Lady from our friends. It is such a fun set for the whole family to enjoy. It has 25 LEGO Duplo brick with 11 colours. Some of the pieces have eyes or animal spots which make the blocks come alive in a shape of familiar animals, and also fun imaginary creatures.

All of us, including myself, started off by building the giraffe and the rest of the animals in the box. We then started playing around building creatures large and small. There is so much to do with only 25 bricks that it is a shame this set is now discontinued and be purchased by Amazon or eBay. I have seen there are other LEGO 10863 Duplo My First Animal Brick Box.
I can only imagine that in a little while we will combine it with the rest of our LEGO Duplo collection and then we can create real monsters.

It was interesting to see how ShuShu and Bo Low both build up the animals by themselves without the pictures or cards. They used the colour scheme mostly to sort what bricks they needed to assemble each animal. After the boys got the grip of building animals figures, the fooled around making funny creatures and stacking up the pieces. Lil Lady loved chasing them around trying to catch up to munch up whatever pics she could get.

We all loved playing with this set due to it's fantastic and creating bricks.
Suitable for 1.5 - 5+

The Rating


Fun, Affordable and versatile

Here is why we loved this set so much. Read below our star rating and the pros and cons of this Duplo set.

  • Amazing lasting quality.
  • Perfect for little fingers.
  • Increase imaginations with lots of play opportunities.
  • 25 versatile blocks in 11 different colours.
  • Very large age range. can be enjoyed from 6 month to at least 6 years.

  • set is now discontinued. So you can go for a different Duplo creative set.
  • This was a perfect set for reasonable price point so not many faults I'm afraid.

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