LEGO Creator 31058 3 in 1 Mighty Dinosaurs

LEGO 31058. 
Mighty Dinosaurs.

One of the best lego sets out there. Good price point, Versatile, Interesting and interchangeable. The only LEGO set we keep separate so far so we can re-build the different mighty dinosaurs.

The Toy


Fun, Affordable and versatile

The LEGO Creator 31058 3 in 1 mighty dinosaurs retails for around £12/$15 from Amazon and other major retailers.

Brontosaurus 31058 on a pot

LEGO brontosaurus on a grey background

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The Review


LEGO Creator 31058 3 in 1 mighty dinosaur the best of all the 3 in 1 series. That is if you are a dinosaur fan of course. We have had so much fun with this LEGO set over the past 1.5 years. We re-built it many times, and the only downfall is that we are missing some of the connectors bits sometimes and then its difficult to complete a dinosaur. We usually can figure it out with the Triceratops and Pterodactyl, but the T REX requires most of the pieces, so we are on hold on this project. I have seen it is possible to order the parts online for a few pennies. You can find the missing lego serial number on the back of the instruction booklet of each dinosaur luckily.

One of the best surprises we recently found out is that the LEGO 31058 includes bonus dinosaurs. From the same parts you have in your set, you can also assemble a brontosaurus. It is one of the easier dinos to build, and we did fine regardless some missing pieces.

One of the things Bo Low loves to do is to create his dinos using the pieces The LEGO Creator 31058 3 in 1 mighty dinosaur. He loves organising the lego pieces and then taking photos of them to prepare his instruction booklet. We really should print it out for him one day, as he makes wicked Allosaurus. The green/ Sand colour scheme is perfect and relaxing. The transparent orange eyes, claws, teeth and jagged pieces make it very easy to create your imaginary dinosaur collection. And the dino skeleton is also a cute addition.

All in all, I more than highly recommend this set. It is often on a lower discounted rate of £10/$10 on Amazon. Retail price is around £14/$14. There is so much to do with this set, literally hours of fun.

Recommended 7-12, but we used it with assistance since 5+.

The Rating


Fun, Affordable and versatile

Here are our top pros and cons from our review:

  • As always with LEGO you get amazing lasting quality.
  • There is an extra b
  • There is a good variation between each of the dinosaurs; their features are very different from each other.
  • Bonus Brontosaurus instructions are available on the LEGO website.
    Love the colour scheme on this set.
  • Love the colour scheme on this set.

  • We lost a few pieces, and it was quite challenging to build the set without them. It is possible to use similar bits, or re-order the parts online, but it was frustrating.

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