Lego Arctic 60193 Air Transporter

Lego Arctic 60193. 
Air Transporter.

A must have mid-range set for any Lego Arctic fan. Set includes quadbike, and air transporter as well as an iceberg cage with Sabertooth. Recommended from 6+

The Toy


Fun, Affordable and versatile

The Lego Arctic 60193 Air Transporter retails for around £25/$25 from Amazon and other major retailers.



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The Review


We've been having a lil bit of Lego arctic crash in our household in the past few months, as you may have noticed. We worked our way up from the lego arctic glider, arctic exploration team and ice crawler. The time has come to venture to the mid-range of £25/$25 plus.

After a few weeks of begging me to buy yet another Lego arctic set, he chose this one. The boys decided to share the quad and plain between them, so it was a joint gift. After debating whether we want to make lemonade sale to sponsor this set, we decided to go for a jewellery sale and to collect money box change. Luckily the set was discounted to £16 on Amazon when it was time to purchase.

The boys opened it up a Shu-Shu (4+) build the arctic quadbike himself while Bow Low (6+) was in charge of assembling the air lifter. They both were pretty much independent and didn't require help from me beside assembling the hook and thread and building the rope construction inside the aeroplane.

We have lots of fun playing with this set as it also comes with the awesome sabertooth, iceberg cage with a hook for the air transporter, three ice hammers (one was a bonus), ice grinder. The boys and their lil helper play with this for a solid month by now and still find it exciting. Especially the sabertooth.

On a geeky note, we were discussing if the sabertooth was an omnivore, carnivore or herbivore (clue: not herbivore), and the diet and life of extinct ice age animals. Bow was also exited on a windy day to take the air transporter outside to check if the propellor will rotate and it can fly on its own (it didn't, maybe we need to try the next hurricane in Florida).

Bow low has started mentioning the next coming set with a polar bear and mammoth but I will need to have time to adjust to this request as his birthday is eight months from now. Think a lemonade sale over the summer isn't a bad idea after all.

The Rating


Fun, engaging and versatile

Here are our top pros and cons of our review:

  • Fairly easy to assemble.
  • Amazing lasting quality.
  • Comes with two figures, three tools, sabertooth, hook, and iceberg cage.
  • Helicopter hook can be turned, so the rope and hook lift up and down.
  • Has 2 vehicles and 2 minifigures so can be a sharing gift.

  • The top cover of the plane is made from thin 2x6, so top cant be lifted for quick and easy play etc.

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