Lego 60192 Arctic Ice Crawler

Lego 60192. 
Arctic Ice Crawler.

Fun 6+

The Toy


Fun, Affordable and versatile

The Lego Arctic 60193 Air Transporter retails for around £15/$15 from Amazon and other major retailers.



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The Review


We've been having a little bit of Lego arctic crash in our household in the past few months, and this set is just AWESOME.

Was fairly easy to build up, bought for £16, but seeing Amazon offer better deals nowadays (2019).

The set has movable arm with the grabber. The boys love lifting the iceberg cage and LEGO ices with it. There is a small compartment at the back for a red hot chocolate cup at the back of the cabin.

The set also includes a small iceberg with a rat that can be lifted with claws or fingers. Dog and cones is not included in the set by the way.

The legs of the crawler can be rotated and flattened. The discs at the bottom are moving along as well. I guess they are like a circular saw. Boys really enjoyed building Antarctica and playing with the gadgets included: flashlights, cut, ice saw, minifigure and iceberg.

The Rating


Fun, engaging and versatile

Here are our top pros and cons of our review:

  • Fairly easy to assemble.
  • Amazing lasting quality.
  • Comes with two figures, three tools, sabertooth, hook, and iceberg cage.
  • Helicopter hook can be turned, so the rope and hook lift up and down.
  • Has 2 vehicles and 2 minifigures so can be a sharing gift.

  • The top cover of the plane is made from thin 2x6, so top cant be lifted for quick and easy play etc.

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