Bruder 2505 JLG Telehandler

Bruder Pro Series. 
2505 Telehandler.

Bruder Pro Series 2505 telehandler. With four control knobs, extendable telescopic shovel and four-wheel drive.

What more can you ask for?

The Toy


manual operated, high durability

Bruder 2505 retails for around £25/$25 on Amazon and other retailers.



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The Review


Bruder 2505 JLG Telehandler is our first ever Bruder vehicle. I don't know how this amazing brand skipped my toy radar all those years. The Bruder 2505 JLG Telehandler has been specially chosen by ShuShu (4) at a local toy shop while there with his dad. My immediate reaction was why you didn't get him a Playmobil tractor, and he replied thats what he chooses. I am so happy he wants something different as this is absolutely amazing and ShuShu is so proud he pick it up himself, and he mentions it every 5 minutes. As you can already guess, He chose it 🙂

So let's see what is so amazing about it. First of all, this The Bruder toys are made in Germany, and you know what German quality stands for. This tractor is definitely one of the pricier tractors we had, but its worth it. Not only I'm assuming it will not break in two weeks, but it also has the control knobs that set it far from its competitors. I would also say it is more impressive and fun then the battery operated tractors as you can see in the Bruder 2505 playing video.

The four control knobs let you fully operate the Bruder 2505 JLG Telehandler:

  1. Lift the telehandler telescopic arm (Handle located on the back of the arm)
  2. Extend the arm (knob located between the arm and the orange extendable shovel)
  3. Tilt shovel bucket (knob located on top of the shovel)
  4. Control 2 sets of wheels to turn (knob located near front right wheel).

Furthermore, the side door opens up so you can place there a farmer/ builder figure to play with. The character is not included with the Bruder 2505 JLG Telehandler, but pretty much any human figure will do. I found that the Playmobil figure fits perfectly in size and sitting angle.

The boys have had so much fun playing with the Bruder 2505 JLG Telehandler. It fits perfectly to all their current projects such as:

  • Loading rubish to recycling centre
  • Moving Duplo bricks around
  • Repairing patches of grass in the backyard
  • Caring dummies for the Lil Lady
  • Clearing out the playroom when tiding up

This toy is perfect for us, as it keeps the boys busy for a long period as they play around with the control knobs. It really helps in improving their motor skills and thinking ahead how to plan moves for lifting the shovel or loading off.

I highly recommend this toy in particular and the Bruder band overall.
I am looking forward to seeing what the next Bruder purchase will be.

Suitable for 3+

The Rating


quality and control

Here are our top pros and cons from our review:

  • Amazing German quality.
  • Highly functional: operated by 4 knobs.
  • Shovel lifts up and down, wheels rotate and arm lift and extend.
  • No need of butteries.
  • Suitable for large age range, from 3 upwards, even a 7 year old will have fun playing with it.

  • High price point.
  • Figure not included.

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